Bachelor In Paradise’s Amanda Stanton And Josh Murray Reportedly Split

Bachelor In Paradise's Amanda Stanton And Josh Murray Reportedly Split

Another “happily ever after” reality television love story is blowing up in our fucking faces. I wish I could say it’s JoJo and Jordan calling it quits (time is ticking on that one, honestly), but it has been reported by US Weekly and TMZ that “Bachelor in Paradise” couple Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray are no longer engaged.


I love these 3 😍

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so giddy, it's stupid 🙄🙈 #liketkit

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As of now, the breakup has just been a lot of speculation. No official statement has been released from either side, but I think it’s safe to say these two are done. You know how I know? Social media stalking. A skilled desired by many, perfected by few. Luckily for you, I got it covered.

Exhibit A. Cryptic Instagram post with guest star, Kinsley, Amanda’s daughter.

I will always love this precious little angel ❤️

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Exhibit B. Cryptic Twitter post that all basic girls have tweeted amidst a breakup for sympathy.

So what lead to the split? Apparently a big fight at KISS FM’s Jingle Ball Concert earlier this month. Ironically, the last “coupley” post coming from either camp is from that night, two weeks ago.

j i n g l e b a l l #kiisjingleball

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You might think that’s irrelevant, but considering Amanda posted a picture of her and Josh when she woke up every morning and before she went to sleep every night, a two week hiatus is cause for concern.

The fight ignited when “BiP” co-star Ashley Laconetti alluded to drinking during a trip to Tahoe with Amanda in front of Josh. A source told Us Weekly:

“Ashley said to Amanda in Josh’s presence, ‘We haven’t been this drunk since Tahoe!’ Then Josh got mad and said, ‘You told me you didn’t drink in Tahoe!’”

After that exchange, Josh left the event without Amanda. According to TMZ, the couple “hung out a couple times after the breakup but the relationship was never revived. Josh has since moved back to Atlanta.”

I don’t get what Josh is so butt hurt about? Who wouldn’t drink during a trip to Tahoe with your girls? And if you have to lie about having fun, see ya never, dude.

But we send our condolences. Rest in peace, you perfect Instagram couple.

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