Bachelor Contestant Dies After Attempted Hanging

File this under completely fucked: Gia Allemand, who competed for Jake Pavelka’s heart in season 14 of The Bachelor, died yesterday following an apparent suicide attempt. Her boyfriend, former NBA player, Ryan Anderson, found her in her New Orleans home where she had hanged herself. Allemand was immediately rushed to the hospital and placed on life support Monday night. However, due to “a critical loss of brain and organ function,” Allemand was taken off life support early yesterday afternoon. She died surrounded by her family and friends.

Allemand, best known for her stint on The Bachelor, was also a former Maxim model. She was one of the final three contestants in season 14 of the ABC reality show. Following her exit from the show, she began dating the former NBA player and became an anti-bullying advocate.

Claiming to have been the victim of bullying her whole life, Allemand spoke about her experience on The Ellen Show, and often tweeted words of support to young people. In October of 2012, she hauntingly tweeted: “Words hurt. Pain lasts. And suicide is forever. Don’t bully.”

Sources do not know the reason behind Allemand’s attempted hanging, citing only the fact that Allemand and Anderson had hit a rough patch in their relationship. It is unknown if she left a note.

[via USA Today]

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