‘Bachelor’ Ben And Lauren B Aren’t Watching JoJo’s Season

Ben and Lauren Aren't Watching JoJo's Season

It seems like everyone has caught the Bachelorette fever. JoJo has become a household name, and everyone looks forward to Monday nights just to watch the insanity ensue. Everyone, that is, except for Ben and Lauren.

“I think the reality show curse is nothing more than just there being so many distractions and then the relationship isn’t a priority. I think that for us, we really promised each other that that’s not going to be the case and we’re always going to put each other first.” -Lauren B.

That’s a sweet sentiment, but I’m going to call a big fat bullshit on the whole situation. If they are so worried about watching someone else’s reality show messing with their relationship, then why did they agree to have their own show? There is no way they are too busy having boring missionary sex to see what everyone is talking about.

Not to mention that JoJo is Ben’s ex. As awkward as that sounds like it would be, who wouldn’t want to watch their ex on TV and laugh at all the buffoons that are vying for her attention? Not only do you get to know exactly who she is dating and who she isn’t, the ego stroke of thinking about how she is comparing every single guy to Ben must make him cum in his pants. Keeping an eye on her every public comment about him is something I’m sure he would be interested in, no matter how much he insists that he’s in love with Lauren.

Knowing the extent that I will creep on a boy’s ex-girlfriend, if there was a TV show outlining her life, I would watch it in a second. There’s no way that Lauren doesn’t “go to bed early” and streams episodes on her iPhone. This is a girlfriend’s dream come true. I would pay good money to watch what my fiancé’s ex-girlfriend has to say about him and what new guys she dating. I’d watch it all the way to the end to make sure that she was engaged so she would never try to come back to my man.

Say what you want, Ben and Lauren, but I’m watching you. Just like you are definitely watching JoJo.

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