Babies Don’t Trust Ugly People And Neither Should You

Babies Don't Trust Ugly People And Neither Should You

Babies are amazing. They are little sacks of flesh bundles of joy that are witnessing the world for the first time. They have no previous experience (unless you believe in reincarnation), so they have to rely solely on what knowledge that was ingrained in them at birth. One of the pieces of knowledge, according to a recent study, is that ugly people can not be trusted.

The study, which was done in China, had one group of children and one group of adults. The researchers showed 200 faces of men and asked the participants to rate the guys’ attractiveness and level of trustworthiness. They found that the higher the kids rated the hotness, the higher the trustworthiness. That’s why kids love me and they cry whenever my brother holds them. I got the looks in the family. It’s not just kids who are superficial. The adults did the same exact thing. They were more likely to trust the pretty people over the uggos.

So what have we learned? It’s not the inner beauty that really counts. If that were true, then babies would not cry at the sight of your busted-looking cousin. Yeah, I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but all the baby can see is the nightmare that your cousin’s face is going to perpetuate next time that sweet angel closes his/her eyes.

We are all born shallow. It’s ingrained in our DNA to not be attracted to ugly people. Even babies, the symbol of innocence and naivety, know to not hang out with those who are aesthetically impaired. Not only is it not good for your image, but you’ll start being shady by association. You are only as good as the company you keep, so if they don’t look good, they probably aren’t.

[via Elite Daily]

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