Auburn Fraternity (And Their Formal Dates) Stuck On Frozen Bus To Formal For 21 Hours

Auburn Fraternity (And Their Formal Dates) Stuck On Frozen Bus To Formal For 21 Hours

Fraternity formals are exciting. You get to dress up with a bunch of friends, and go on an all-inclusive weekend vacation with none of the rules afforded to you at sorority formals. Plus, you get to feel like campus royalty when you say you’re going on a fraternity formal, because whoever you are talking to more than likely is not.

The bus ride to the venue is just part of the experience. It’s reminiscent of field trips in elementary school, except instead of MASH, you play Never Have I Ever, and instead of spin the bottle, people are willingly making out in their seats (but to be fair, they are still influenced to do so by a bottle).

For the underclassmen of Auburn’s Farmhouse fraternity and their dates, it was more of an experience than they’d signed up for. Shortly after their departure from campus late Friday afternoon, seven north Alabama counties were issued a local area emergency due to freezing temperatures, black ice so thick the roads were undrivable, and snow. The bus along with everyone on the highway came to a stop — and stayed halted for 21 hours.

Twenty-one hours. On a bus. In the cold. With limited amounts of alcohol and nowhere nice to pee. That is my own personal hell.

Caroline Parrish, a freshman attending the formal (you go Caroline) had the following to say to

”Thankfully, she said, those on the bus are “a big group of friends.” Stuck with them were several chaperons and the group’s risk manager.

The young students entertained themselves with games and lots of talking, said Parrish. The snacks they had packed also kept their spirits up.

“We’ve all been bonding,” she said.

Well, Caroline, you’re a better sport than I am. The formal ended up taking place last night at the venue where the juniors and seniors were waiting for them. Seems like someone struck a deal with the devil to haze the underclassmen if you ask me.


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