At Least You’re Not As Crazy As This Woman Who Attacked The Corpse Of Her Boyfriend’s Ex At A Funeral Home

At Least You're Not As Crazy As This Woman Who Attacked The Corpse Of Her Boyfriend's Ex At A Funeral Home

I love stories like these. Wait, that sounds bad. A dead woman was mutilated by her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend in what was supposed to be her final pit stop before going six feet under. It’s horrible. But in a weird, twisted way it makes me feel better about myself to know that the tiny crazy things I do aren’t really that crazy, relatively compared. Hypothetically, when I “occasionally” check my ex-boyfriend’s email after he logged in once and saved his password (ha, idiot), or when a guy I’m talking to casually tells me what town he’s from and I use Zillow to pinpoint his zip code based on vague context clues and look up how much the average home in the area is worth, thereby finding out what tax bracket his parents are in to see if he could afford to sustain the kind of lifestyle I (hope to) live, it doesn’t sound as crazy compared to this. Right? RIGHT?!

Back to the crazy lady. Shaynna Smith of Tulsa, Oklahoma is being charged with illegal dissection of a human body for allegedly cutting the body and hair of a deceased woman who used to date her boyfriend in the funeral home where her body was on display for family and friends to say goodbye.

The mother of the deceased woman says she saw Smith with her hands in the casket, and when she came up behind her to see what she was doing, she noticed the cut hair and face and smudged makeup.

The mother reported Smith to the authorities, and she was later found in her apartment and taken into custody. Police found a knife with hair on it, a box cutter, and makeup on Smith, so it sounds like she’s not getting out of this one. As for motive, police say Smith and the deceased woman were “frenemies” because she used to date Smith’s boyfriend. I have frenemies, so I get it, but I’m pretty sure when your frenemy dies, the grudge dies, too. She’s already dead, so I’m not exactly sure what Smith expected to achieve from her little stunt. I think the rules say that if you outlive your frenemy, you win.

Bitches be crazy.

[via Fox 23]

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