Ashley Madison Has Released Their First TV Commercials And It’s Somethin’ Else

ashley madison tv commercials

Commercials for online dating sites are filled with light-hearted wonder. The single girls look totally put together and would like a relationship instead of needing it, which is completely unrealistic. They are approached by a man on the street or an elderly man appears out of nowhere like a modern day Cupid and makes all of their wishes come true. However, that is not the route that Ashley Madison decided to take with their new commercials. They are cold, dark, and uncomfortable, just like most of their users.

Goddamn, did you see the head of hair on that guy? *fans self*

She is way out of his league for sure, but it’s still kind of cute.

OoOoOo, saucy.

These commercials sit funny. On one hand, cheating is terrible and unacceptable. But on the other, these poor people look so sad. We’ll let it slide just this once if it means that they will smile for once in their life. This sad music is a real bummer. Also, the producers clearly have an affinity for blonde women, but who can blame them. These ads are set to air this week, and a spike cheating and divorce is set for the following week.

[via New York Magazine]

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