Arrests In Kim Kardashian Robbery Suggest It WAS An Inside Job…Sort Of

Arrests In Kim Kardashian Robbery Suggest It WAS An Inside Job...Sort Of

New developments have been made in the Kim K Paris robbery, which, thank God, because I’ve been developing my own conspiracy theories in my brain for about three months now. Leading the pack was that Ray J decided to get some revenge on Kim and had Taylor Swift help him by sending him to Paris because he couldn’t afford the flight on his own, but that didn’t really hold up.

Seventeen suspects were arrested on Monday, and one arrest has people questioning whether or not it was an inside job. I immediately started making a list of who those seventeen “inside” people could have been. Taylor, Ray J, Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush, Amber Rose, even Jonathon Cheban crossed my mind. The drama queen in me marveled in all the backstabbing possibilities, but none of them made the actual police list.

One of the suspects arrested was an employee for the limo company the Kardashians normally use in Paris. According to E! News, reports show that the employee arrested was likely to be the driver who drove Kim back to her hotel the night of the robbery, and could have had some insight about where Kim was, and when she would be alone.

The majority of the seventeen suspects are reported to be “seasoned criminals” with ties to drug trafficking and armed robberies. The New York Times said, “the suspects appeared to be part of an experienced group with connections to organized crime.”

I can’t wait until the pictures of these people surface on US soil. Imagine the rage Kardashian lovers will have against them. Think of how much Beyoncé’s bees hate “Becky with the good hair.” Now multiply it by 10. It’s only a matter of time, justice will be served.

[via E! News, New York Times]

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