Arizona State University Installs Drug Vending Machines On Campus

Vending Machine

So you pull out your dollar at the vending machine and try to decide between a Snickers bar and a Diet Coke when something else catches your eye. A Lortab? Yeah, I’ll take that instead. This is actually pretty close to the reality of what students at Arizona State University will begin seeing with the installation of a new prescription drug vending machine on their campus.

ASU has come up with this “brilliant” solution to help students and employees get the healthcare they need quickly. One visit to the student health center to get a prescription, and you’re all set to use your voucher to get all the medicine your heart desires. Of course, this is super beneficial if all you need is an antibiotic or Tamiflu to get you through. However, this machine will also pop out–wait for it–prescription pain meds. What?

No, seriously. The machine will carry more than 50 drugs that have yet to be confirmed by school officials, but the company that created the vending machine says it will carry “urgently needed” drugs, such as antibiotics and, yes, prescription painkillers. No word yet on whether or not it will also carry chocolate and ice cream when you’re on your period, but I’m assuming that would also count as a vending machine urgent need. Manufacturers say the machine has vault-lock technology, so it would be insanely difficult to steal any medicine, and I’m sure students would NEVER follow a friend to the machine and just “borrow” some of his or her prescriptions. After all, sharing is caring, right? Let’s just hope that’s not what ASU students will be saying this fall.

[via CBS]

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