Ariana Grande Walks Into Shop, Licks Display Doughnuts, Kisses Random Guy, And Says She Hates America

Ariana Grande

I always knew Ariana Grande was a brat, and not only because she kind of looks like she’s twelve, but because I don’t trust anyone who wears a fountain ponytail 80 percent of the time. TMZ somehow got their grimy hands on security footage of the teenie bopper doing some weird shit in a doughnut shop with some pals, and the whole clip is terribly confusing, to say the least.

Let’s review that timeline. First, she starts licking a display doughnut. Then she peer pressures the dude wearing a bandana headband (?) to do the same. Then he relocates to another end of the counter, and starts to lick those doughnuts. Then she makes out with that guy, who is apparently one of her background dancers. Then, a worker brings out a new tray for the singer, who promptly shouts “What the fuck is that?” before declaring her distaste for both Americans and America.

This is so bizarre. Props to Ari for being a pimp and nailing one of the many people under her employ, but why does she feel the need to treat every room she enters like she owns the place? She acted like a child, which, despite her tiny stature and innocent face, we know she is not. She’s 22, and just because she has the funds to buy that entire store at the snap of her fingers doesn’t mean she should be a disrespectful little brat. At least now we know the secret to how she’s so skinny: lick, don’t eat.

Bitch doesn’t even deserve a doughnut.

[via BuzzFeed]

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