Apparently Your Boyfriend Can’t Help But Look At Other Women, Because Science

Checking Out Other Woman

“Were you just looking at that girl?”, every girlfriend in the history of forever asked her boyfriend (or at least screamed it in her head) at some time or another. Here you are, lookin’ fine as [insert favorite explicative], when your dumbass boyfriend checks out another girl right in front of you. Who does that? Well, according to self-proclaimed brain Dennis Prager, literally every guy in the world.

And why? Apparently because “they’re other women.” Seriously. That’s fucking it. It’s not because he wants to be with them or he’s unhappy. It’s literally because he’s a guy and that’s how he’s programmed. This is super annoying, because guys put us through actual hell when they check out another girl. In that second, we think things like:

  1. OMG what the fuck was that?
  2. Did he just look at that bitch’s ass?
  3. Does he not think I’m pretty?
  4. Or what? He wishes I looked like her?
  5. I don’t have money for a boob job! I will literally NEVER look like her.
  6. I bet that’s a pushup bra.
  7. I thought he didn’t like blondes! Why the hell is he checking out a blonde?
  9. Does he even realize I’m standing right here?
  10. But I’m funny! I bet she’s not even funny.
  11. Ugh. Could you undress her with your eyes any more, buddy?
  12. Did he see me see him checking her out?
  13. Shit, what do I do?
  14. Call him out? Let it go?
  15. What if he knows her?
  16. What if he’s hooked up with her?
  17. Or, like, what if he wants to?
  18. I bet he’s going to go on Facebook and try to find her.
  19. OMG. He’ll totally leave me for her.
  20. Should I just dump him now?
  21. Or wait until I find out he’s been cheating on me with her for months?
  22. I had our ENTIRE future planned out on Pinterest.
  23. I bet she’ll steal my color scheme.
  24. She totally looks like the type.
  25. That bitch.
  26. I hate him.

You know — normal, totally non-neurotic stuff.  Apparently, however, none of that stuff is actually what he’s thinking. This Prager guy goes on to say that even the nicest, most faithful guys have a really hard (LOL) time not glancing when a hot chick bounces by. Says Prager:

More than anyone else in the world, he wants you. And if you don’t believe me, ask him.

Still in denial? Listen to the man yourself.

On one hand, this is great and I could totally buy it. My guy is just a guy, and he loves me and everyone’s happy, the end. Buuuuut, on the other hand, Dennis Prager could be a complete phony. Remember how I mentioned that he’s a “self-proclaimed” brain? He hosts a YouTube channel called PragerUniversity. As in his last name plus the word “university.” He puts on a suit and talks about controversial topics to “educate people.” Besides, it would make total sense to tell women that men mean no harm, because hello? How else are they going to get away with sneaking a peek? I see right through you, Prager. So, okay, looking at other women is in your nature — we can accept that. But yelling at you about it? Well, that’s just in our nature. Sorry not sorry.

[via The Mirror]

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