Apparently, You Can Get Skinny By Tying A Piece Of String Around Your Waist

Skinny Crafting

Going to the gym sucks ass.

Unless you drank some of that Crossfit Kool-Aid and joined its cult, you know that working out is actually hell. Your legs rub together, you don’t “pretty sweat”, and you spend more time complaining about going to the gym than you actually spend at the gym. The only thing is, a lot of us want to be healthy. We want to look good, feel good, and be confident in a bikini the next time we get invited to an ill-fated pool party. So, finally, someone was like, “screw working out” and came up with the easiest way to have a flat stomach. It doesn’t involved crunches, planks, or yoga balls. Basically you just tie a piece of string around your stomach and… well that’s it.

According to Daily Mail, physiotherapist Sammy Margo claims that this string method will actually make you skinny. She went on to outline how this whole (suspiciously easy) process works,

Take a piece of string. Draw your abdominal muscles in all the way. Release by 50 per cent and tie that piece of string at 50 per cent contraction.The pressure of the string will act as a reminder to tense the muscles.

Try bringing this into your day, when you’re walking, sitting, standing, working and at home. Try holding this throughout the day for as much as you can. This will give you a flatter stomach, work your core, improve your abdominal tone as well as improve your posture.

LOL what? Why has no one discovered this? Apparently it makes you exercise all day, which burns calories and keeps your blood flowing. Plus it makes you have better posture, which supposedly makes you healthier, happier, live longer, like sex more, be skinnier, and make more money (eh, the last one might not be true but hey, you never know), so like, it’s a plus. The only downside to this is that you’ll be the freak wearing a fucking piece of string around your stomach to try to be skinny. Oh, and it sounds like a total piece of bullshit to me. But whatever, let the haters hate. Next time you’re at Hobby Lobby, grab some extra string and get your workout-free workout on. It’s better than actually sweating at the gym, anyway.

[via Daily Mail]

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