Apparently People In Relationships Don’t Think Hot People Are Hot Anymore

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When it comes to having a boyfriend and wanting to check out other men’s goods, I go by the law of window shopping. You can look, but you shouldn’t touch, and for the love of god, do not make eye contact. That shit will suck you right in.

Or maybe not. A recent study found that people in relationships don’t think that people they would normally find attractive are as good looking as they would if they were single. Ruggers University and New York University found that people do this unconsciously, and probably as a defense mechanism to protect their relationships from hot people who could get between themselves and bae.

I love what these guys have done here, but where were these findings when my ex was sniffing around the hoe next do’? He must’ve been a special type of douche, though, because I definitely think this all makes sense. When I’m dating someone I really like, all other men adopt the sexual appeal of a lamp. Last night I talked to a bartender that would usually has me sweating profusely and tripping over my own feet, but the whole interaction was kind of meh. Maybe we do try to protect our relationships by shielding the hotness of potential suitors. Or maybe I just didn’t like his new haircut.

Either way, this is good news for everybody. You can officially stop worrying that your boyfriend is cheating every time he leaves for a night out with the boys. He’s probably just drinking himself into oblivion because he thinks he’s surrounded by a bunch of gremlins.

[via Elite Daily]

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