AOPi Member Asks Weirdest Possible Celebrity To Formal Via YouTube

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Inviting celebrities to formal events via YouTube has been sort of a trend ever since the whole Mila Kunis thing. Most of the time, fans are met with disappointment, as the famous folk are “busy” doing literally anything else. Today, we come across Kelley Bradshaw. Young Kelley has her eye on a celebrity for Alpha Omicron Pi’s upcoming formal, and, like any person attempting to contact a celeb would do, she took to the Interwebs.

I’m a little confused about their relationship here. Did they date? Did she stand him up at Prom? Is he going to be mad that she mentioned his rejection? Was that already public information? Unclear. Also, unclear, is who the hell Chris Wallace is. I did some digging.

Chris Wallace 3

Chris Wallace 2

Chris Wallace 1

Apparently, he’s a lesbian musician who has the same plastic surgeon as Bruce Jenner–but anyone who agrees that relationships should exactly resemble a field trip to a sanitorium is someone I think I could hang out with for a night. Kelley, they say when you dream, you should dream big. While I think you could have dreamed bigger here, I can’t really judge your taste in men, as I once accidentally hooked up with a guy who sported a ponytail. For a year. I hope Wallace gets the memo and you two have a great time.

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