Anatomy Of The Perfect 21st Birthday Facebook Event Page

21st Birthday

It is pretty much understood that your 21st birthday is going to be one of the major highlights of your college career. It’s the last major birthday you’ll have that you’ll actually look forward to celebrating and it’s probably something most of us have been counting the days since our last birthday. As the self-proclaimed queen of 21st birthdays, I like to think I know a thing or two about them. The important thing to remember is that having a baller 21st is so much more than the actual event. In fact, one of the most important parts of any good 21st birthday celebration is also one of the most overlooked – the Facebook event page.

The event page sets the tone for the celebration. If done right, it’s one of the most hilarious aspects of the birthday. There are all kinds of things to consider in order to start the celebration off on the right foot, but fear not, I’ve got you covered on the anatomy of the perfect 21st birthday Facebook event page.

Event Name
The key to the event same is making it something funnier than just ‘[insert name]’s 21st birthday’ but not such an inside joke that only a handful of people understand it. This really changes depending on the person, but some helpful hints – if the person has a blackout alter ego, try and incorporate that somehow. I’ve also seen people incorporate the birthday kid’s fake id name into the event name, which is always especially hilarious if they have some god awful name.

Event Description
Obviously you need the pertinent information in the event description, like if it’s a party or a pregame. Are you all going to the bars tonight or is that being saved for a different day? BYOB or alcohol provided? But the key is answering all these questions as funnily as possible. Assuming the birthday star in question isn’t a complete bore, they most definitely have a drunk quirk you can make fun of. For instance, when I blackout, I dance on tables, fall, break bones (much to my parents dismay), and force everyone to call me Leila. My best friend? She takes drunken Snapchats and snap stories to a whole new level. Whatever it may be, there’s a more than likely chance that everyone will know it and be able to appreciate the joke.

Cover Photo
There are two ways to go with this; pretty or embarrassing. I tend to opt for a pretty cover photo, only because the person’s dignity will be utterly destroyed later on. I like to go with a #basic picture of the birthday girl sipping a cute drink, think spring break picture with a margarita in hand. On the other hand, I’ve seen a lot of people go the embarrassing photo route. Any passed out pic or vomit covered pic is fair game. Basically, if it’s something you wouldn’t be surprised to see on TFM’s Fail Friday, it will be the perfect cover photo.

Guest List
This is self-explanatory but one piece of advice? Over invite. Also, don’t not invite people just because you know they can’t come. Invite anyone that has funny stories or embarrassing photos of the birthday girl, including friends from home, abroad friends, siblings, and even cousins. Follow ‘the more the merrier’ mentality.

Event Posts
This is my personal favorite part of the event page. All those drunken videos, embarrassing photos, and hysterical snapchats you’ve been saving? Now is the time to use them. In the days leading up to the birthday, you and all your friends should be littering page with humiliating evidence of past drunken mistakes. Think of this page as a roast of the person turning 21; the funnier, the better. I can think of no better way to celebrate someone’s 21st than by aggressively mocking them for stupid shit they’ve done drunk. This is also the reason you over invite and invite people you know won’t be able to come. One, they get to laugh at all the funny stories and two, they can add their own.

Just as important is post party posting. Is there a video of the birthday girl vomiting on top of the bar after too many shots? Post it. How about a picture of her ass naked passed on the bathroom floor? Edit it and then post it. The same goes for party guests as well. If people get so fucked up (as they should) that they do embarrassing things, relentlessly mock them on the event as well. Hands down, the best video I have ever seen in my entire life was my best friend hunched over the toilet bowl, drunkenly singing ‘SOS’ by Rihanna in between vomits after my big’s 21st birthday. She wasn’t even the birthday girl, but that video will forever live on in infamy.

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