An Honest Account Of How My Sorority Changed My Life

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There are a million sayings that attempt to persuade young, upcoming, terrified PNMs into choosing the one sorority that’s better than any other. Let’s face it–recruitment is a competition, and during it, each sorority works hard to get the biggest, best, prettiest pledge class. That’s what it’s about. Yes, once the excitement of Bid Day wears off, we are more concerned about sharing our sisterhood and ritual with women who share our ideals and goals. Until then, however, it’s war.

As a general rule, rush is a sleepless, stress-acne, tense time, but I always looked forward to it. My sorority may have had its boot camp moments during recruitment workshops, but the air was always filled with joyous energy. We, as sisters, were allowed to become part of the legacy that passed down the traditions that had affected every part of my heart and life. I loved every moment.

Of course, we could brag about the outstanding social events that I still talk about now as an alumna. Recruitment rules prohibited too much talk of drop-ins, but the pictures decorating the walls spoke for themselves. The eager questions from the girls were met with just as much as excitement. The rude personalities were met with class. I can’t even scratch the surface of the events, money, and time my national sorority has given to its philanthropies.

My sisterhood saved my life in so many ways. As an awkward girl who battled low confidence, I entered college waiting for the moment that I couldn’t keep fighting anymore. However, on a whim, I chose to join this alternate universe of Greek life which shaped me into a woman who not only my family could be proud of, but who I could be proud of, too. The drunken nights pale in comparison to the laughing fits in the library or the quiet movie nights. I had a college experience that will always allow me to look back in fondness, no matter how many times I had my heart broken, struggled with demons, or failed a test. The one and only reason is because that in the darkest moments of my life, my sisters were there. Even now, as I work on planning a wedding, I know that five of my six bridesmaids wore the same letters as me.

I’m not ridiculous. I know that almost every sorority girl in every sorority has similar stories. We don’t all have the same battle scars, but we have all served time in our own personal wars. You’ll hear women all over the country bragging about their sororities or posting Instagram pictures galore of the fun they’re having. So what makes my sorority the best, without a doubt? Simple. It was the best FOR ME. My home did more than change me–it shaped me into the woman I was meant to be. I don’t expect every PNM to fall in love with the letters I hold dear to my heart, nor do I expect every person in the world to understand why I joined my particular sorority. They don’t have to. No other sorority at my school would have given me the same opportunities, the same experiences, or the same kind of love that I received from my chosen home. You may think yours is the best, and I hope it is. I hope joining your sorority was the life-changing experience it should have been.

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20-something alumnae. She worked as a high school English teacher for a couple of years, but couldn't handle the lack of messy buns and yoga pants. Now she's headed back to the world she understands best: college. Graduate school this time, but she's still hoping to make a comeback with Sunday Fundays and Whiskey Wednesdays.

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