An Emoji Movie Is Actually Happening Because That Sounds Like A Good Idea

Emoji movie

What would happen if the slanty face emoji hooked up with the tongue out emoji (because you KNOW he’s up to no good) after they drank from the wine emoji and then accidentally got pregnant and popped out a baby emoji who turned into a ginger-haired princess? (JK there aren’t any ginger emojis yet. Sorry)

No one knows because it’s just about the dumbest plot line in the world. Emojis are used when you have nothing to say and don’t feel like typing. They’re used to let people know on your Instagram bio that you enjoy wine and sunshine and flipping your hair. They’re used to let a guy know that you’re basic without ever talking about the Kardashians. But that’s all about to change. Someone thought it would be a good idea to completely ruin emojis and turn them into a movie.

That’s right. Sony Pictures Animation just beat out Warner Bros and Paramount for the rights to an “Emoji Movie.” And by “beat” I mean they shelled out seven figures to create a movie about the little smilie with heart eyes that we text when we have nothing else to say.

Absolutely no details have been released, other than the fact that this is actually happening and that it’s an awful idea. Maybe if we all wish hard enough, they’ll utilize the eggplant emoji and it will turn into a raunchy, sexy, comedy. Don’t let us down, Sony.

[via Deadline]

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