An Avocado Cafe Is Opening And It Will Be A Godsend To Your Instagram

An Avocado Cafe Is Opening And It Will Be A Godsend To Your Instagram

I once tweeted about how avocado is bae. And besides the fact that I wanted to punch myself in the face for the amount of millennial basic-ness I’d comprised in a single tweet, there was truth in the statement. I fucking LOVE avocados. So you can imagine how happy I was when I woke up in my hungover glory this morning to learn that a café is opening in 2017 who’s menu is, quite literally, avocado-ONLY.

Deemed “The Avocado Show,” the only caveat is that it’s in Amsterdam, but like, whatever. According to Metro UK, the restaurant was dreamed up by three Dutch foodie friends (yes, guys – and they’re kind of cute) and will be open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snacks. They’ll serve up all things avocado, from avocado bun burgers to avocado chocolate smoothies. “The possibilities are endless,” the founders told the press. “Our only rule is that the dishes need to contain the green super fruit in one way or another.”

Uh, I think you mean the Instagram possibilities are endless. Literally getting a girl hard-on just thinking about it.

Weekend trip to Amsterdam anyone?

[via Metro UK]

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