Amy Schumer To Star In A “Barbie” Film


Today in “weird news,” we learn that Amy Schumer might be playing Barbie in a live action film. So, uhh, what the fuck? This is not a knock to the comedienne’s figure, but more to the point that Amy’s a pretty vulgar comic, and this sounds like a kid’s movie.

The plot, much like “Enchanted,” involves the heroine being kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough, and thrust into the real world, where she struggles to fit in. The original screenplay was written by Hilary Winston, but it’s not unreasonable to expect Schumer and her sister Kim will take over creatively for the film, expected to be released summer 2018.

I love Amy Schumer. Even as some are starting to lose interest in her comedy or feel she’s grown stale, I still appreciate a good vagina joke. But I do not understand how this is going to translate into a movie about Barbie. It’s either A) a complete parody where Barbie is such an over-the-top hot mess that it’s comical — which I don’t see Mattel signing off on as they have historically been lawsuit happy and overly protective of their image, or B) Amy Schumer’s not going to talk about alcohol. Neither makes a ton of sense.

In either case, I will 100% be seeing this film. Amy is the kind of hot mess alcoholic that speaks to my soul. Barbie is the kind of hyper-feminine, life-in-pink, hot girl that also speaks to my soul.

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