Amy Schmer And TONS Of Fans Hilariously Knocked Down A Huge Beauty Standard Last Night

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is quickly changing the name of comedy. In the past year she’s become a true icon not only because she blatantly talks about one night stands and having a vagina (something we can all relate to), but because she’s breaking down the barriers of gender inequality one laugh at a time.

Recently, like two months ago recently, some d-bag talked about how Amy wasn’t “believably fuckable.” Naturally she put the guy in his place and moved on with her fabulous career. NBD. But something must have stuck. So last night on “Inside Amy Schumer” she aired this hilariously accurate skit poking fun at female beauty standards.

It’s perfect. How many times do guys say they want a “natural beauty,” but when we step out into the world without makeup on we feel like unfuckable zombies? LOL thanks guys. So, in addition to releasing this relatable short, Amy wanted to make sure EVERYONE felt beautiful without makeup. She took to Twitter, to drive her point in even more.

And RT she did. Amy went on to retweet over seventy-five gorgeous people without makeup. The results are a mixture of hilarious, heartwarming, inspirational, and above all, beautiful.

And then of course there was me, who forgot to tag Amy in it, but whatever. I just wanted to belong.

After spending hours looking at, responding to, and retweeting her fans, Amy posted an extremely beautiful, and moving, message.

Oh Amy, you’ve done it again. Let’s stop the shaming and start the accepting. Because let’s be real, every now and again we’d all like to forego foundation for an extra hour of sleep. Remember ladies: Foundation doesn’t make you fuckable. Having a vagina already does that for you.

[via Youtube / Comedy Central, Twitter / @amyschumer]

Image via Youtube / Comedy Central

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