Amanda Bynes May Have Schizophrenia; Almost Set Her Dog On Fire

Yesterday, Amanda Bynes made headlines yet again with her ridiculous behavior. This time, however, God, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Shiva, Visnhu, Brahma and whoever else hangs out up there, decided it was time to finally shut it down.

No, Amanda Bynes didn’t die, but she was hospitalized and put on lockdown in a mental institution. (Apparently you can’t tweet in the crazy house though, so she does probably feel like she’s dying). You see, following her alleged trespassing of a retirement home on Sunday, Amanda Bynes inexplicably set fire to a complete stranger’s driveway in the California community of Thousand Oaks.

Reports are now stating that Amanda apparently walked up to a random, elderly woman’s house and began dousing the driveway with gasoline. At some point during her very poor and very illegal attempt at creating a neighborhood pyrotechnic display, Amanda realized that she had soaked her Pomeranian with the gasoline meant for the driveway.

Not wanting to set her paparazzi blocker on fire, Amanda ran to a nearby liquor store (seems appropriate) in an attempt to clean off the dog. Because she has no concept of boundaries and an even poorer understanding of authority, she ran behind the counter into an area clearly marked “Employees Only.” She threw the dog in a sink and tried to clean off the gasoline, but according to a cashier, she “freaked out” and ran out of the store when he asked what she was doing.

Bynes, along with the uninjured dog, were soon found by police. In news that surprised no one, Bynes was found to be mentally unstable. It was reported yesterday that she could only be held for up to seventy-two hours in the psychiatric ward. Medical professionals, however, will be requesting a court order that would extend her hospitalization for at least two weeks. Doctors (in a decision that I could’ve made at fifteen) are believed to have diagnosed her with Schizophrenia.

It is rumored that Amanda’s parents are seeking a conservatorship a la Papa Spears with Britney. Mr. and Mrs. Bynes had previously sought to take this action, but did not have enough evidence to prove that their daughter was unable to look after herself.

Here’s hoping the judge recognizes a cry for help when he sees one, because seriously, that wig is not going to fix itself.

[via New York Post]

Image via Associated Press


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