Almost 30 Pledges At Miami University Have Been Hospitalized This Semester

Almost 30 Pledges At Miami University Have Been Hospitalized This Semester

Things at Miami University in Ohio are insane right now for Greeks. The president of every Greek organization just met with the school, because, well, everything’s out of control. The school does spring rush, and this year has resulted in more hazing allegations than there have ever been before. A little look into the campus culture from a tipster:

27 kids have been sent to the hospital since the beginning of rush (rush started January 25th), and most recently a Phi Delt pledge being life-flighted and subsequently flat-lining and being revived in the hospital. I can assure the credibility of this as I am currently a student and pledge in a fraternity here on campus. Miami has 30 fraternities, of which 6 of them are suspended/kicked off, and talks of 3 more being suspended are swirling around.

And another.

Miami has had 2 pledges airlifted and 10’s of kids who’ve gone to the hospital with BAC’s over .3 and apparently hundreds of hazing reports. tonight IFC had an emergency meeting and says that any more complaints at all and the entirety of Miami fraternities are gone.

then they came back and said they got reports of water boarding and other shit and that every fraternity has to imitate by Sunday and if they receive any complaints after that, no questions asked you’re gone for 4 years.

and it’s only week 5 of xx. looks like miami’s Greek life is officially done for good

What the fuck? Waterboarding? Airlifting? The hell is going on, you guys. You’re fucking up. The school has mandated that all fraternities discontinue the pledging process, and that all pledges must be initiated by Sunday night. The process would typically last another five or six weeks.


This story ended up with a lot of he said, she saids, but the university released the following statement:

The success of our students is paramount at Miami University. The Greek system is among many co-curricular programs providing leadership opportunities for thousands of students. The university is committed to ensuring both the positive growth of each fraternity and sorority member during their time as a Miami student and, most important, their health and safety. Over the past few weeks we received reports related to the fraternity new-member process that have led to serious concerns, and we are thoroughly investigating all of them.

Miami does not tolerate hazing. Behaviors that endanger the health or safety of others violate the values of our fraternal organizations as well as of the university.

Among steps taken in response to those negative behaviors is that the student-led Interfraternity Council, with full support from Miami University, is requiring chapters to initiate their new members by Friday, Feb. 26. By ending the new-member process for this spring earlier than scheduled, our fraternity community will be able to communicate expectations and monitor behaviors more quickly.

We will update this story when we have more information.

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