All The Juicy Details You Need To Know From This 40-Minute Bieber Interview

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Justin Bieber loves to let us know how great and down to earth he is these days. After that infamous carpool karaoke video, several magazine interviews discussing his faith, and basically the entire Purpose movement, I find it extremely hard to hate on him these days. The dude has major charm. Just when I think I see past all the publicity stunts, I watch an interview and can’t stop grinning like a little girl. DAMN YOU, BIEBZ!

He recently sat down with The Bert Show for a pretty raw interview. In just forty minutes, Bieber basically told us everything we wanted to know, and seemed pretty insightful and dare I say it, wise. In case you don’t have forty minutes to swoon over JB, I went through and paraphrased the important parts of the interview. You’re welcome.

Part I

Twenty-one-year-old Justin is giving fifteen-year-old Justin advice on what to expect. What do you say?
Listen to the people who care about you. People will take advantage of vulnerability. Put up a wall without closing yourself off.

How do you figure out who you can trust and who you can’t?
Reassess friendships. Find out where people belong.

Did God put you on this Earth to do music? Or did God put you on this Earth to connect with people going through struggle who can learn from you?
My platform gives me the opportunity to do that. My love and passion is people, and that’s where my music comes in because I can give them something special. My platform is: come to my show, feel the energy from my music, know that my music is positive and light. It’s almost like a religion in itself. When you’re coming to a concert you’re leaving all your troubles behind, you’re going to just be completely enveloped in the music. Everyone is connected. Everyone is there.

Do you feel like you’ve found your purpose or are you still searching for it?
I think slowly, but surely. I think that finding your purpose is one of the most important things. That’s why I wanted to make the album “Purpose,” because everything that I’ve put out so far, whether it’s “Never Say Never” or “Believe,” it all has something that is such a powerful word. For awhile, I felt like I lost my purpose, and slowly but surely I’m figuring out where I belong, and what my purpose is, and what I need to do for the world, and for myself. Hopefully I keep moving in that direction.

Do you think you could walk away from fame?
I do. I just love music so much. For me it was about the music. Even through that terrible time in my life, I learned so much about my artistic, creative side. I might’ve been in a weird place, but every night I was going to the studio. Every night I was doing what I loved.

Do you think you’ve had the longevity you’ve had because it started out so pure, and it’s always been about the music and not the fame?
I think so. I think people know that I was found on YouTube because of my talent.

Part II

What did you learn about women in 2015?
I learned that they’re indecisive. They don’t really know what they want, especially with me. I tell them upfront like I travel all the time, and I can’t be consistent with you all the time. Some of them can handle it, some of them can’t.

Is there ever a time that performing in front of twenty-thousand screaming girls becomes “been there, done that”?
There was. But where I’m at I’m able to appreciate it in a different way. I was pretty lost. I woke up one morning and felt like God was telling me something. Not super religious or anything, just felt like a voice. I was like, I’m gonna change my life around.

True or False headlines: “Is Drake’s Dad Collabing With Justin Bieber?”
We’re not doing a collaboration, but he’s a super nice guy.

“Justin Bieber’s Rebirth Included A Baptism In Tyson Chandler’s Tub”
That is true.

“The Trendy Massage That Gave Justin Bieber A Hickey”
I have really bad neck problems. I’ve been doing this training and physical therapy for the past six months, just getting my body back in shape. We use this tool called the graston which is this metal tool that really scrapes out the scar tissue that leaves these red marks that look just like hickeys.

“Is Selena Gomez Fighting Back At Justin Bieber With Her Latest Instagram Picture?”
I wanna see that. What is she trying to do with my heart right now? I’m kidding. She loves me. I love her too. Always. Who is this guy? This guy is a joke. This guy’s a chump. I’m kidding. I guess he’s pretty handsome actually, I can’t even lie. I’d do him for sure.

Did she upgrade with that dude or downgrade from you?
I mean, come on. There’s levels, dude. This guy is drinking an orange juice. Nah it’s cool. I just honestly dude, I just want her to be happy. I love her, and we’re friends still. We were on and off for years, and we left on good terms. we just needed time to grow for ourselves. And we were like maybe we’ll come together in the future, and it ended up so long, and we grew apart, and we’re just not the same people anymore. We’ll hang out. I’ll see her every now and then, and we’ll talk, and that’s pretty much it.

Be honest. Do you mess with people on social media? You can post whatever you want and it turns into a flipping frenzy.
All the time.

How much of social media is calculated for you?
Not much of it. I’m on the whim with my stuff, and it gets me in trouble.

“Justin Bieber, 21, Getting Ego Boost From Romancing Hot Mom Kourtney Kardashian, 36, And Doesn’t Care He’s Being Used To Hurt Scott Disick”
I’m being used man, what can I say? But nah man, we’ll leave it at that. No but for real, she’s great.

How much of that stuff do you read online, and does it even effect you anymore?
We’re all on our own journey, and my journey just happens to have people criticizing me.

What’re your New Year’s resolutions?
My New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking. I started like six months ago.

And as for the wet towel, storming off stage incident he admits that, “Justin Bieber is being a little bitch.”

Class dismissed.

[via The Bert Show]

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