Alert Your Inner Pre-Teen: Delia’s Is Making A Comeback!


Back in December of 2014, we all mourned the loss of national treasure slash Paul Frank emporium, Delia’s. We waved goodbye to memories of their awesome fitting jeans and seemingly endless supply of “ironic” graphic t-shirts. Though painful, it was a necessary departure. A poignant reminder that you had, despite all efforts to the contrary, actually grown up. Kind of like when you started getting actual hangovers the minute you turned 21. You became an adult when Delia’s departed.

Well, get ready to have no headache after seven shots of tequila, because Delia’s is officially back, y’all! The retailer announced via Instagram that they had been saved from near death and will resume operations in August of 2015. Don’t get your hopes up though; you won’t be able to peruse the store while you eat Auntie Anne’s Pretzels or TCBY Frozen Yogurt because Delia’s will only be available online from now on.

The internets have spoken! We are coming BACK! #DeliasForever #AreYouReady #StayTuned

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Online-only shopping is perfect, though. Why should I have to leave the couch to relive my youth? See, Delia’s was pretty much my retailer of choice from age eleven to fourteen, and I say that with (probably misplaced) pride. I spent so much time in that lucite green and white paradise. I bought way too many henley’s with woodland animals on them, then proceeded to pair them with cheap, gaudy, chandelier earrings that totally clashed with the henley’s laid back vibe. God, I miss being twelve and thinking I was sophisticated.

So, I fervently hope that all your future party dresses will be bought at Delia’s. You can complete the look with a lace-trimmed cami, converse, and sassy underwear that probably says something along the lines of “if you can read this, you’re too close.” Better yet, just throw an early 2000’s themed mixer and get wasted in your favorite Marissa Copper inspired Delia’s outfit.

Ah, youth.

[via Instagram]

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I came for the wine, but I stayed for the complimentary appetizer sampler plate.

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