Alabama’s Sorority Row Just Got Its Own Obscenely Huge Starbucks


The Greek scene at the University of Alabama is insane, everyone knows this. The houses are bananas. Sorority row is basically a rich girl mecca, but it’s been missing one thing: Starbucks.

Past generations of sorority women have had to walk across campus for their caffeine fix, or worse, drive 10 minutes to get it. Until now. The university has just opened a new, yugeee Starbucks masquerading as a satellite version of the campus supply store, and it is glorious. Sure, you can get books and Bama apparel, but most importantly, you can get your grande skinny vanilla latte without hiking through the muggy circle of hell that is Alabama in August. This baby even has a drive through. While it will be open to everyone, it’s certain to be taken over by the sorority population, mere blocks away.

It's a big day on campus – the new Starbucks and Supe Store are open! #TodayAtUA #RollTide

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The real winners here are Alpha Phi and Gamma Phi Beta, whose gigantic gorgeous houses are literally right across the street from the gigantic gorgeous Starbucks. With sorority recruitment right around the corner, presumably reaching another record level of participation this year, this will make for some happy and well-caffeinated actives. What a time to be alive, lucky ladies.

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