ADPi (And Possible Demon) At ASU Set Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Condo On Fire

ADPi (And Possible Demon) At ASU Set Her Cheating Boyfriend's Condo On Fire

This is like a real-life Taylor Swift song gone really, really wrong.

ASU sorority girl, active volunteer in her community, and now felony arsonist Claudia Drinnan was charged with setting her boyfriend’s condo on fire. She snuck into his room through a window, and after discovering he wasn’t home, decided to set the place up in flames.

Drinnan’s boyfriend’s roommate, Kevan Walker, was home at the time of the revenge arson and says he heard banging noises when she arrived to the condo around 1:30am. Shortly after that, he heard glass breaking. Drinnan managed to break in and locked herself in her lover’s room for 15 minutes before Walker says he smelled smoke.

“I’ve only seen this stuff out of a movie, I’ve never seen or heard of a female setting her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend’s room on fire,” Kevan Walker told FOX 10.

Impressive, in a batshit crazy kind of way. When police arrived at the scene, they weren’t exactly sure what set Drinnan off. It all clicked into place when witnesses told officers they heard her mumbling about her boyfriend cheating on her.

It’s one thing to set your boyfriend’s place on fire, but Drinnan took it a whole other level of crazy.

“Scariest part of the whole night is when I came outside, the flames were coming, she was standing at the entrance and I asked her what are you doing? She was just staring at the fire, she wasn’t looking at me, she wasn’t replying to my comments, she was staring at the fire, no body motion or anything, that was the scary part for me,” said Walker.

ADPi (And Possible Demon) At ASU Set Her Cheating Boyfriend's Condo On Fire

So, not only is this girl fucking psycho, she also MIGHT be the actual devil. No sane person stands in front of a fire while blankly staring at the flames that are engulfing all of her boyfriend’s possessions. There is definitely some evil, voodoo shit going on behind that girl-next-door exterior. Drinnan took the old saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” a little too literally, if you ask me.

First. Finest. Locked up for the next 5-10 years.

[via FOX 10]

Image via Facebook, Mugshot via Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

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