Adam Levine’s New Tattoo Is Actually An Homage To Basic Girls Everywhere


Adam Levine. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that the boy looks damn good. We can tell ourselves that it’s his edgy hair or his impressive physique that make him so damn attractive, but deep down, we know what it is. It’s the tattoos. Even the classiest, pearl-wearing girl among us has to admit that his tats just seal the deal.

Hold on to your panties, ladies, because Adam just got a little better. On Monday night, Behati Prinsloo posted this photo to Instagram:

Some serious art happening between @bryanrandolph @milodecruz and @adamlevine

A photo posted by Behati Prinsloo Levine (@behatiprinsloo) on

Once you get over the fact that he is indeed married (sob) to a supermodel (double sob), just take a minute to absorb the masterpiece that is Adam Levine’s back. I mean, back tattoo. The new ink, done by Bryan Randolph, features a mermaid flying over the ocean. According to People, the scene is a mythological tribute that took six months to complete.

However, I could not help but notice that the siren on his back looks remarkably like a logo that I hold near and dear to my own heart. Adam can deny it all he wants, but I am pretty convinced that his new tattoo is a hipster rendition of the Starbucks logo. Either Adam really loves coffee, or he is attempting to pay homage to his fanbase, which is composed of basic, Starbucks-drinking girls.

And while his reasons for the tattoo are still unconfirmed, I’m prone to thinking that Adam is just trying to personally thank us for our years of undying support. You’re welcome, babe.

[via People]

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