According To Kylie Jenner “Ear Contouring” Is Now A Thing


Kylie Jenner just upped the makeup game again. First it was her wonderfully plump pouty lips which she gave to us in the form of her Kylie Lip Kit. Now she’s sharing her secret to the perfect face. Ear contouring. Stay with me here. It might sound odd but it makes complete sense. You blend your neck to match your face so it doesn’t look like you wear a turtleneck 365 days of the year. It only makes sense to do the same for your ears, lest people think you wear ear warmers when you shouldn’t be.

For those more makeup inclined, you probably already knew this, or at least, had a similar trick of your own. But for someone like me, who barely knows how to use liquid eyeliner correctly, it’s a life saver. I also don’t wake up early enough to do a full face. Most days I throw on some mascara and a little BB cream and pray I don’t look like too much of a troll that day. If I do ever learn how to put on makeup like a real girl, though, I’ll definitely be trying this out.

Now, how exactly does Kylie contour her ears? Sadly, I don’t have the answer to that because I don’t have an account for her website or app. But if you do, I’d go take a look at the video, take some notes and for all that is good and holy, share it with the rest of us. I know I’d appreciate a step-by-step layout on how to make sure my face doesn’t end up seven different colors.

[via Huffingtonpost]

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