A Woman Wore A Fitbit To Find Out If Sex Actually Burns Calories


Fitness is a thing right now. Gone are the days of being “skinny” or having more cushion for the pushing. Now, people want to be fit. Strong. #Healthy. And what better way to do that than to buy a $100 wristband that tracks your activity and tells you when you’re being a fatass?

Despite my aversion to exercise, moving my body, or leaving my apartment, I have to admit, one Fitbit user had the right idea when it came to fitness. She decided to put it on and have sex to see if the old saying was true: “if you get laid, you don’t have to go to the gym.” Or something like that.

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As you can see, her heart rate climbed, she burned some fat, and it turns out, sex really does some good stuff to your body. You know, besides just making it feel really, really good. But that’s not the only beautiful thing about this discovery. As the views on this imgur post rose, so did the hilarity of the comments.

“I just discovered my new fetish. Reading fitbits statistical analysis of a stranger’s sexual encounter.” -funkhomie

“8:59, is this guy an Olympian?” -nation543

“Wife and I had sex the other day. We finish and her first words are “Let’s go get a burger.” I’m so in love with that woman.” -Horf

“I’d like to wear one when I eat a pizza.” -KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

“The ole knee hurts routine.” -Jambersome

“8 minutes? Probably still longer than my last relationship.” -miserablebastardfromthenorth

“orgasm after 6 minutes….do tell…” -Slutcrusher

“Wow 8 minutes. That’s like… 7 more minutes than me” -ChefBreadstick

Fitness and sex and hilarious comments? The internet, guys. It’s an awesome place.

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