A Video Of An ATO At Indiana University Going Down On A Stripper In Front Of A Crowd Was Leaked


Once upon a time, I gave up trying to understand the male brain. After years of trying to figure out why, exactly boys like to create fake football teams, play video games instead of going to brunch, and feel like it’s okay to scratch their balls in public, I gave up.

But last night, a new “what the actual fuck is wrong with this gender” realization came to light.

A video was released showing an Alpha Tau Omega at Indiana University eating out a stripper. You know, oral sex. In public. Yeah. I’ll let that sink in for a second.

Now, before you pervs get excited, I’m not going to post the video. It’s 2015. It’s the internet. You can go find it. But to give you an idea, it’s a naked girl, laying on a stage, while a guy goes to town on her lower region. The “giver” is wearing only boxers and seems to be having a good time. He tries to “tap out” once as her legs are wrapped around his head, but keeps going. Guys (some dressed and some shirtless) are all around cheering him on, and another naked stripped stands there watching. Yeah. It’s that kind of video. The kind that makes you want to shower after.

I’m not one to hate on guys. Despite not understanding them, I love the shit out of ’em. But this? Come on guys. You’re just asking to get your asses handed to you from nationals. Sure, sometimes the “hazing” issues are dumb. You blindfolded someone? OMG! No! You jokingly made your pledges do pushups? HOW DARE YOU?! But this? I don’t even know if this is hazing (because quite honestly, it sooort of looks like he’s enjoying it) but whatever it is, it’s disgusting. And idiotic. Let’s explore why!

• He’s putting his mouth on a stranger’s vagina.
• In public.
• While people are quite literally cheering him on.
• The stranger is an exotic dancer.
• And chances are she’s been sweating for the past few hours.
• I don’t know for sure, but there’s a good chance some of those gents are underage and consuming alcohol.
• Good luck ever getting a girlfriend, or a job after this.
• STDs? Pretty sure this is how you get them.

So like, great job guys. Whoever was dumb enough to be like “Hey let’s take our brothers to a strip club and let them munch on some beaver while we’re there. Oh and also let’s film it because that’s a good idea” is the reason we can’t have nice things. Or feel okay when our boyfriends have a “guys night” and go to a strip club because “it’s okay you can’t touch the strippers.”

Uh huh. Okay.

The sad thing is, ATO was really trying to get their shit together. After being on probation for an alleged rape, the (sophomore) president was working really effing hard to get the chapter back in a good light. He even won an award for “overcoming severe operational difficulties.” Unfortunately, footage of a stripper being eaten out on a stage while chanting brothers film it doesn’t exactly help his case. ATO nationals released a statement saying that they weren’t having any of this shit.

From WTHR:

Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity has suspended all operations of the Delta Alpha chapter at Indiana University as we begin our investigation. We are working with the University. The video is highly offensive and is antithetical to the values of Alpha Tau Omega. If confirmed, swift disciplinary action will be taken. The men who were a part of such a vulgar incident do not represent the fraternity and damage the fraternity’s name for thousands of ATO undergraduates and alumni across the country.

And as for the university? LOL. They suspended ATO immediately because fucking duh.

Damn it ATO. Come on.

[via WTHR, Indiana Student Daily]

Image via Total Frat Move

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