A Tribute to Dance Moms

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I think a specific type of mom deserves special recognition for dealing with all we put them through. These moms support us through our tantrums, meltdowns, failures, frustrations, complaining, and sleep deprivation. Without them, we would never have accomplished and grown as much as we have. They have willingly adopted every member of the team as one of their own. I know that on my dance team, I have 10 moms caring for me and supporting me, which is why dance moms are so special. It is not said enough, but thank you to my dance mom, along with all my adopted moms, for being amazing.

Thank You For Teaching Us Perseverance  
You probably have lost count of the amount of times we’ve wanted to give up dancing. Thank you for listening to us rant in the car ride home about our snotty ballet teacher, yet still driving us back for class the next day. Thank you for letting us cry in your arms and for wiping our tears away after we fell out of the turn at competition. It is your comfort and love that force us to never give up, no matter how badly we mess up.

Thank You For Supporting Us Financially
Thank you for practically giving up your retirement fund to support our dancing career. We know dance class, competition fees, hotel nights, costumes, pictures, and shoes add up to an unbelievable price. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to follow our passion–for that, we will always be in debt to you.

Thank You For Being Our Personal Hairdresser And Makeup Artist
Ever since our ripe age of five years old, you have always managed to transform us into a beauty queen. As teenagers, we realized how difficult it is to put false eyelashes on a squirming 6-year-old, and we apologize for making it way more difficult than it needed to be in the past. You are one of the only people in the world who will wake up at 5 a.m. after staying at awards until midnight the night before to put our hair in a perfect bun, spray us with glitter, and pour coffee down our throat. We apologize for the glitter and eyelash glue that will be stuck under your fingernails for weeks after. We’re sorry for criticizing your efforts and whining, too. At our half-asleep, stressed out mood swings, we did not remember that mother knows best.

Thank You For Not Killing Us
In our defense, we are under a lot of pressure and stress, especially during competition weekends. Nevertheless, we know we should show how much we appreciate your help better. The Starbucks runs, making sure we have something in our stomach, organizing the dressing room, driving to the hotel when we forgot our costume, and everything else you do is the only reason we survive the hectic weekends. We are sorry for yelling at you, blaming you for everything that goes wrong, and making you our emotional punching bag. Most people would abandon their teenage daughters during our emotional meltdowns, but as a dance mom, you understand and help us.

Thank You For Your Support
You are our personal cheerleader. Even after seeing the dance 12 other times, we can always count on you to be in the audience, crying as you record the performance with your camera. All the hard work, sweat, and tears are for you, moms. When we dance, we dance to make you proud. So, thank you, moms–you mean the world to us.

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