A Timeline of Your Day Before An Exam

1:00 PM Assume you’re going to spend an entire day procuring Adderall, because you can’t figure out who will be generous/who doesn’t have an upcoming exam.
4:00 PM Finally get the addy! Good. Studying is going to be a breeze.
5:00 PM Grab dinner with your sisters, before coming home and popping the focus pill and transforming into a studying machine.
7:00 PM Get distracted after dinner and wind up getting roped into catching up on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy in the informal living room.
8:30 PM Decide this night will be a long one. Drive to pick up reinforcements: Starbucks.
9:00 PM Finally retire to your room, ready to go.
9:30 PM After 30 minutes of Facebook-ing, you just have to check Twitter for like 5 seconds.
10:00 PM Okay, it’s go time. Books open.
10:15 PM Decided to make a color-coded study outline to ease the process along.
10:20 PM Check Pinterest to see if they have any ideas for study organization.
12:00 AM Alright, I’m ready to do this.
12:30 AM …this music sucks. I need a new study soundtrack.
12:45 AM Okay, first chapter.
12:47 AM Your phone has been going crazy with notifications. Really quickly check them and then get down to business.
1:00 AM Okay, after chatting with your bestie and checking Facebook/Twitter on your phone, you realize you need to go to the library. You’re getting no work done in this house.
1:20 AM Get dressed and ready to go to the library. Check if anyone else wants to go…
1:30 AM Red Bull/Diet Coke run before you hit the library. This is so necessary.
2:00 AM Okay. Let’s get down to business.
3:30 AM You’ve done so well, you’re going to reward yourself with a break. Online shopping or Pinterest?
4:15 AM You had to use Pinterest to decide what you wanted to shop for. Oops. Back to studying.
4:35 AM Okay. Getting there. Time to go home.
5:00 AM Holy hell. You forgot why you hate Adderall. You can’t sleep.
10:00 AM Shit. Time to wake up.
11:00 AM No idea what you did last night. Hopefully studying occurred.
12:30 PM Take another Adderall because there’s no way you’re going to stay awake during this test.
1:15 PM Have there always been this many people in this class? How much longer can you frantically flip through your notes for?
1:31 PM Fuck.
3:00 PM Alright. Well. Glad that’s over. That was stressful. You’ve been so studious, you deserve a drink. Happy hour anyone?


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