A Theta At Vanderbilt Is Starting A Social Media Movement

half the story

Social media was created with the original intention to bring the world together. To make it smaller and give everyone a chance to interact with people all over the world. But instead, we have used it to put on a facade of our best selves. We take 27 selfies before we find one that seems editable, and then we take that picture and morph ourselves into beautiful beings that resemble us just enough to get away with it. We’re only telling half of the story. Which is exactly the premise of Larissa May’s movement, #HALFTHESTORY.

Larissa, a Theta at Vanderbilt, moved to LA after her freshman year, and fell in love with what she calls “social storytelling.” Three years and an empire that she built under the hashtag #LIVINLIKELARZ later, she was at New York Fashion Week telling her story to over 1 million people on the AOL and Lookbook Instagram platforms.

After creeping on herself, like we all do, she noticed that she was only showing the best of what was happening in her life, leaving out how incredibly stressful working in the fashion industry can be. She decided she wanted to start telling the story of her daily life, instead of just highlights. Her mission is to stop the disconnect of showing off and start the connectedness of sharing. These are the kinds of things she wants everyone to start sharing:

  • Unknown passions
  • Discoveries
  • Broken hearts
  • Vulnerability
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Secret Aspirations
  • Guilt
  • Fears
  • Anxiety
  • Mental health
  • Weaknesses
  • Injuries
  • Hidden talents
  • Pressure
  • Pursuits

These will provide a more face-to-face look of ourselves instead of a Facetuned face.


So the challenge is to tell the other half of your story. Follow the instructions here and join the movement. Happy storytelling!

[via Half The Story]

Image via Half The Story

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