A Sorority Girl’s Gratitude

I’m thankful for my mama’s genes and her home cooking. Because of her, I can craft, cook and bake like Martha Stewart, but it won’t show on my thighs. I pray I age as well as she did, but if not, I pray for a good plastic surgeon.

I’m thankful for my Daddy’s work ethic (it pays for my fabulous wardrobe and twice-yearly vacations), but I’m also thankful that he instilled an equally strong work ethic in me. Because of him, I have ambition and I work hard even when I don’t necessarily have to.

I’m thankful for my little, a mini version of me. I’m thankful for all the family dinners, crafting dates, and perks that come with both her Exec position and room in the chapter house. That somewhere in between the gallons of glitter, the fraternity formals,the baked goods and nights spent holding each others’ identical long brown hair back, we have a lifelong friendship.

I’m thankful for fratdaddies past who showered me with dinners and date nights and taught me what it felt like to love. I’m thankful for the ones that hurt me, that never called back, that cheated, that showed me exactly what I’m worth and what I will never put up with again. I’m thankful that I still have true love to look forward to. Regardless of any of this, I’m thankful for orgasms.

I’m thankful for my 36C’s, for my long hair and longer legs. I’m thankful for my big blue eyes that can make any man melt. But I’m really thankful that I have intelligence and a kind heart that will last long after my looks fade.

Most of all, I’m thankful for my sisters. I’m thankful that they put up with my every quirk, every annoying habit and like me anyway. That they’ll be brutally honest with me if I need to wash my hair, if my lipstick is washing me out, or the guy im MOing at the bar is fucking hideous. That they’ll be by my side through 72 hours of straight recruitment exhaustion before collapsing on the couch together with sore bodies and raspy voices. That we can get wasted together for a week straight, make a million mistakes, and still love eachother at the end of it. That we have just as much fun, sometimes more, staying in with a movie and a bottle of wine. That they laid in bed and cried with me after my last breakup. I’m thankful that I already know who my bridesmaids will be, even if the grooms identity is not so certain. I’m thankful that we’ll be friends for life. Love you girls, I’m so lucky to have you.

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