A “Scandal” Clothing Line Is In The Works And Life Is So Much Better Now

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While I may not actually want to be Olivia Pope, I wouldn’t mind dressing like her. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could handle wearing all white, all the time, while chugging obscenely enormous glasses of red wine. I also couldn’t handle a not-boyfriend as douchey as Fitz, but that’s neither here nor there.

If your dream is to look like a gladiator in a skirt suit, The Limited has you covered. I might associate The Limited with Limited Too T-shirts featuring puppies and BFF bracelets, but apparently they’re good for actual, human clothing. Who knew?

The Limited and “Scandal” teamed up to launch a 42-piece collection–unfortunately, there isn’t a white hat included–which will debut in late September. I can only hope that the line hides baby bumps better than the show does…and that it comes with a Jake Ballard of my own. But, if we’re being real here, I’d much rather dress like Mellie, the true hero of the show.

The Limited-“Scandal” collection is a joint effort from “Scandal” costume designer Lyn Paolo and Elliot Staples, who is The Limited’s head of design. There’s even input from Olivia Pope herself, in the form of Kerry Washington. While it isn’t exactly Olivia’s chosen wardrobe of Burberry, Armani, Alexander McQueen, and Prada, at least it’s affordable. With prices ranging from $49 to $248, even you can be Olivia Pope–but only if each item of clothing comes with an enormous wine glass and a penchant for making bad decisions.

[via Jezebel]

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