A Robot Vacuum Ate Its Owner’s Hair While She Was Sleeping

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All girls have a few similar and totally rationally fears: ripping all of your lashes out with an eyelashes curler, acquiring a nasty burn from a straightener, and having a hoop earring ripped straight through your earlobe. Add to the list: having your hair eaten alive by a robot vacuum.

Not as common, but still scary as shit, and apparently very possible.

A 52-year-old South Korean woman was recently indulging in a harmless afternoon nap when the appliance attached itself to her locks. When she couldn’t manage to detach the vacuum from her hair, she called emergency services. A fire service representative told People, “This case was quite special. We had seen weird things, but this was a very weird call that we received.” Yeah, no shit. They then spent over 30 minutes separating the woman’s head from her electronic maid. This, folks, is why we cannot have nice things.

We’re told she didn’t end up losing much hair, but I’m curious about why she decided that the floor was an optimal location for a snooze. Here’s a crazy idea: don’t sleep on the floor while you have a robot vacuum on. Here’s a crazier idea: don’t sleep on the floor at all, because it’s a fucking floor.

Either way, people need to stop inventing stupid shit and relying on technology to perform everyday chores, because the machines will inevitably revolt and try to take over the human race by eating our hair and ruining our lives. In the meantime, buy a regular vacuum and join the rest of us peasants in our quest for a clean house through real, physical labor.

[via People]

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