A Really Hot Guy Created A Really Touching Video About His Dying Dog And It Is Absolutely Perfect (Video)


I’m not a very emotional person (LOL JK). But most of the time, I can make it through the day without breaking down at my desk and ugly crying. Today, however, was not one of those days. Let me set the scene for you, shall I?

According to Buzzfeed, photographer Ben Moon first met his dog Denali at a local animal shelter. Despite not really wanting a pet, they instantly bonded. For the next fourteen years they traveled, explored, and became the best of friends. When Ben was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, Denali stayed by his side, and hospital bed, every day. So when Denali was diagnosed with cancer twelve years later, Ben returned the favor.

Unfortunately, it became was obvious that Denali wasn’t going to get better. So one of Ben’s friends, Ben Knight, decided to make a film in honor the bond the two of them shared. The short film went on the to win multiple awards at the 5Point Film Festival this past year, and with good reason. It’s an absolutely beautiful, heart wrenchingly perfect description of what it’s like to share a life with your furry best friend. Grab some tissues, it’s going to be an emotional ride.

“When someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.”

The end. Done. Crying forever.

[via Buzzfeed]

Image via Youtube / Lisa Kenneth

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