A Psychologist Psychoanalyzed Cersei Lannister On Reddit And The Mad Queen Has Definitely Lost Her Shit


I probably identify more than I should with the “Game of Thrones” character Cersei Lannister. Sure, she does weird shit like have sex with her twin and blow up like half a city. Homegirl has some issues, but none of us are perfect, right? Cersei has had to go through some intensely awful things in the last season and current one, from being paraded naked through the streets (AKA the ultimate walk of shame, literally) to her child committing suicide, presumably because she set his wife on fire. Whoops.

Cersei has finally emerged as a very dangerous, crazily powerful character, partially because at this point she’s willing to go to any length to get what she wants. The last things she really cared about, her children and her twin, are either dead or incapable of reaching her on an emotional level anymore because she DGAFs harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. As someone whose most often provided advice is “care less,” I totally connect with Cersei’s current state.

She’s more than earned the title of the Mad Queen, but according to Reddit user Rain12913, that nickname might be even more accurate than we believed.

Rain12913, who claims to be a clinical psychologist, posted a psychoanalysis of Cersei on Reddit that might help explain why she’s lost her shit. I sort of wish someone would do this for me, but I don’t think I’d like the results. According to his analysis, Cersei is a classic narcissist who lacks the ability to truly empathize with others. Honey, preach. I hate when people try to get me to care about why they’re upset, too.

On top of that, she is apparently the sort of perfectionist who has to believe that she’s a perfect being, or else she faces total emotional collapse. Again– sounds completely reasonable to me. I don’t know why we needed a psychologist to figure that out.

The analysis continues into Cersei’s weird AF love life. Rain12913 hypothesizes that the basic reason that Cersei loves her twin, Jaime, isn’t really because she’s feeling true love. It’s because she sees him as an extension of herself, which makes perfect sense because they’re twins and therefore the guy is an exact mirror image of her own face in male form. Cersei just wants to have sex with herself, apparently, and that’s a kind of self-involvement I can appreciate.

She saw her children in the same way as Jaime, as just another part of her own perfect being, but now that they’re dead, the Mad Queen basically has no boundaries. I would for sure vote Cersei most likely to seriously fuck shit up at this point, because she’s on a roll and now nothing can stop her. Ugh, can Season 7 just be out already?

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