A “Magic Mike” Type Restaurant Is About To Open And We. Are. Drooling.

Hot guys service

I’ve always thought that it was pretty unfair that guys have way more eye candy to enjoy when they go out. I mean, occasionally, you get a hot bartender or waiter, but most places have scantily clad cocktail waitresses instead of shirtless dudes. And of course there’s a whole chain for any guy who really wants a side of boobs along with his chicken wings. Well, thankfully for ladies in the Dallas-area, there’s now an alternative.

Tallywackers, a new restaurant in Dallas’ Oak Lawn neighborhood is set to open in May. And the main special? Attractive waiters wearing pants and not much else. As you may deduce from the name, its target patrons are gay men, but the owners promise that ladies will enjoy the scenery too. Besides, you know what Samantha says, “First the gays, then then girls.”

“We’re targeting the LGBT community some, but we’re not limiting our audience to that,” Winston T. Lackey, head of the restaurant’s marketing, said. “Clearly, we’re aiming for women, too.”

On top of the visual feast that you’ll get with your meal, Tallywackers plans to have live entertainment on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I’m really hoping for some kind of “Magic Mike” style show.

One item confirmed to be on the Tallywackers menu? An extra large hot dog, of course. Between that and the hunky waiters, it’s probably not the place to take your insecure boyfriend. But hey, at least you’ll have something to look at while eating your nachos and assure him you don’t even like abs (LOL).

[via GuideLive]

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