A Hungry Girl’s Guide To Working Out


There are many benefits to working out – confidence, strength, endorphins. People like to tell you that working out will give you a “high.” They say it’s amazing and it will change your life, and while I’d like to believe them, no matter how many Zumba classes I take or leg presses I do, I will never fully enjoy working out. The only thing I’ve been able to depend on for the same type of enjoyment my gym rat friends describe is food. I know, it’s pathetic and #basic, but I sincerely love food, and I’ve developed a palette that goes unmatched. If you need a good place to go for gourmet mac and cheese, I’m your girl. I will likely never be the girl you go to asking what I do at the gym.

So, in an effort to combine something I would like to enjoy – working out – with something I already love – eating, I developed a series of exercises. It’s a little ridiculous, and I can 100 percent assure you that I have not consulted nutritionists of any sort in creating this program, but no one really needs to know what you mean when you say you’ve “worked out,” do they?

THE FOOD PART (aka what you really care about)

In honor of my fave sorority-themed movie, Legally Blonde, we’re going to start off our workout guide with a snack that would match well with any costume party bunny outfit. That’s right, the snack you’re going to want to use for this workout is some carrots and ranch dip. You can do whatever sets your heart aflutter when it comes to vegetables and dip (or chips and dip – who am I to judge really) and what makes me happy is carrots and ranch dip.

It’s a classic. Deal with it.

The Placement of the Snack/Your Person:

Now dear, sweet human, this may sound simple but I assure you this is crucial to the execution of the Bend and Snack and achieving the proper goal of this exercise.

First, I want you to be standing near a table, preferably one waist high so when you grab a carrot you won’t be needing to reach that much (that would be stretching – obviously too much exercise for one day). Ideally, a kitchen island would be perfect for this exercise.

Now, as you are properly positioned next to your kitchen island, I want you to stand with your furthest foot from the island out in front (relatively shoulder with apart from your foot that’s closest to the island).

Next, I want you to place the ranch dip on the floor next to the foot that’s in front of you. Don’t give me that look, just do it. You’ll see where this is going to take us in just a sec.

Executing the Bend and Snack:

You may find that the Bend and Snack is very straightforward, but I want to tell you that it is anything BUT that. Please follow the instructions listed below for the best result:

1. Grab carrot with hand that is opposite of the foot that is in front of you.
2. Keeping a flat back, bend at the waist and reach down to touch your opposite foot.
3. Do you remember that ranch dip I told you about? this is where it comes in: DIP THE CARROT IN THE RANCH!
4. Now snap back up, in almost a bunny-like position (see article gif for reference), put the carrot in your mouth, and EAT IT.
5. Repeat on current side until half your bowl of carrots is gone, then switch to other side until you eat the remaining carrots in your bowl.


Now wasn’t that easy and delicious? You’ll be ready for that costume party in no time!

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