A “Hunger Games” Theme Park Is Actually, Finally Happening

Hunger Games

Some of us were born a very particular breed of human. We’re the type of human that goes to midnight book release parties. The type of human that gets symbols of our favorite literature tattooed onto our bodies. The type of human that stays up all night reading, and waits in line all day to watch a fake world unfold for two hours.

To most of society, we’re called nerds. And I, for one, could not give two shits.

Because today is a day for the nerds of the world to rejoice. A day we’ve been waiting for since “Harry Potter” set yet another trend. First it was the midnight release. Then it was the two part finales. And now? Now it’s the theme park. And according to The NY Times, “The Hunger Games” is about to be turned into an actual, visitable world.

I’ll give you a sec to let that sink in.

A “Hunger Games” theme park is. Actually. Happening.

According to the article, it’s scheduled to open in 2019. And where is this taking place? Atlanta. You know. The place in Georgia? Basically it’s going to be a $625 million park that will let people experience the adventures of “The Hunger Games” world. Whether that means having a romance with a hottie (or two) while trying to save the world or just riding some rides, I don’t know. And honestly? I don’t care. Because no matter what, it’ll be awesome.

The Avatron Park is going to be a digital theme park which will include “holograms and augmented reality.” If you can’t wait four years, you can just hop on a plane to Dubai and visit Motiongate park’s “Hunger Games” land next year. According to PopSugar, “the Middle Eastern park will feature a re-creation of District 12 and its black market, The Hob; a real Peeta’s bakery, a roller coaster that takes after the Capitol’s train; and a simulated hovercraft tour of Panem.”

Which sounds like actual heaven. In a messed up, anti-Disney sort of way sort of way.

So, since we have a few years until the part happens in the good ol US of A, I’d like to offer a few suggestions to the designers.

• Complete Capitol fashion will be required in the park.
• There’s a virtual reality ride living out your life with the hot Hemsworth from the films.
• And Peeta. We’ll take one with Peeta too.
• Or just like, actual reality?
• Food. All of the food from the movies/books.
• Less death and more adorable photo ops that will ensure triple digit likes on social media.

See you in 2019, Atlanta.

[via PopSugar, Avatron Park, NY Times]

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