A Guide To Figuring Out If It’s Just Casual Or Not

Temps follows Jefferson (Grant Rosenmeyer, The Royal Tenenbaums), a temp worker whose only career goal is to afford an annual ski trip with his best friend and fellow temp, Curtis (Reid Ewing, Modern Family). When Jefferson falls for co-worker Stephanie (Lindsey Shaw, Pretty Little Liars), he is forced to re-evaluate his minimum wage, minimum commitment lifestyle. Produced by Grandex Productions, Temps is now available on iTunes.

Dating is suuuuuper fun. Do I get attached? Should I get my hopes up? When will I inevitably get bored and have to start over? It’s the best. Since every single one of us are millennial scum, horrified of labels, it’s time we all have a guide to help us navigate this treacherous territory.


Road To FBO: You’ve been on several dates. He always pays. Aside from the few dinner/drink dates you’ve been on, he has made a point to do something that you like. I can promise you he didn’t actually want to go antiquing.
Totes Casual: He’ll make you (order in) brunch for the mornings after. You two have even gone on romantic trips to the drive thru together. Swoon. You may have gone for lunch or something, but never a “date” where you would per se, wear heels.

Adult Sleepovers

Road To FBO: You have sex, and you’ll go down on him time to time even when you don’t want to. You cuddle.
Totes Casual: You have sex, but it’s on your terms. You do not cuddle.


Road To FBO: You never go a day without at least one text from him. He may not be sending you love letters, but he texts you daily to check up on you. You may even smile at your phone when you see his name light up on your screen.
Totes Casual: You have somewhat consistent communication. You might even snap all day rather than text. When he texts you it’s usually a set up to ask you to come over and “hang” “out.”


Road To FBO: You’ve gone out with his friends and he has gone out with yours. Maybe they’ve even conjoined, and both groups have gone out together! You’re completely comfortable with his roommates seeing you in the morning with bed head and the remainder of last night’s makeup. You think may have actually fooled his friends into liking you.
Totes Casual: He doesn’t really bring you around when he’s out with his boys. Your friends know who he is, but they don’t know him that well. If you do go out together, you’re usually meeting him out rather than arriving with him.

Still confused? No worries. We made a movie about casual dating and all its struggles. Peep it.

It’s pretty much amazing, so go ahead and buy it on iTunes.

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