A Girl’s Perspective: Top Bowl Games to Watch

Aside from Christmas, bowl season is one of my favorite of the year. It’s a time to get drunk, talk shit to fans of teams you usually don’t play during the regular season, and work a whole new realm of bragging rights. If your team makes it to one of the good bowls, you have a perfect excuse to travel and waste money. I love it. Although, it’s important to separate the games that are a waste of your time from the games that you can’t miss. I’ve selected my top four picks for which games will be absolutely worth your time.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl: LSU vs. Clemson, December 31

For me, this matchup is like an episode of Laguna Beach, during which LC and Kristen fight over Stephen. Both teams are the Tigers, but only one will win over Stephen. The odds suggest that Clemson will suffer the fate of LC. They lost their last regular season game to South Carolina, and will probably lose this bowl game to Kristen…I mean, LSU. What are we talking about again?

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon vs. Kansas State, January 3

This almost became the national championship game, but both teams choked and lost games they should have won. It happens. We all have those nights that should have gone one way, but then alcohol came into the picture and messed things up. We redeem ourselves, and now these two teams are on a path to redemption, themselves. They’ll compete for what I’ll call the third place trophy.

Still, you’ll definitely want to watch this game, because Oregon is the trendsetter in college football uniforms. They never wear the same thing twice. After a month of preparation, Oregon will use the Fiesta Bowl as its runway. Personally, I’m pulling for Kansas State, because Coach Bill Snyder is like really, really old. How cute would it be to see a precious, old man win one of the biggest games of his career?

Aside from all that, the stadium is going to look like Mardi Gras with fans wearing purple, green, and yellow. You can use that as an excuse to drink excessively during the game, not that you needed one.

Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M, January 4

These two teams were conference rivals in the Big 12, until one day last year when Texas A&M said “Adios” and moved on to bigger and better things. Both teams have a lot on the line in this game, though. Oklahoma was embarrassed after being cut from one the top tier BCS bowls. Texas A&M now has a Heisman winner as their quarterback. The Aggies aren’t just showing off Johnny Heisman in this game though, but representing the SEC in a bowl for the first time as well. If Oklahoma beats Texas A&M, who beat #1 Alabama on the road, crazy people will make the argument that the Big 12 is better than the SEC. Sorry Boomer Sooners, I’m not okay with that.

You’ll want to watch this game because there’s nothing better than watching old rivals reuniting. Plus, in case you’ve missed him all season, Johnny Heisman is a regular Happy Feet on the field.

BCS Championship Game: Alabama vs. Notre Dame, January 7

These two names together in one sentence should make you more excited than the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars. This game isn’t just the national championship, it’s history in the making. It consists of two schools with the biggest and best traditions in football, and a history of national titles. Think Chanel vs. Louis Vutton, or Jennifer Aniston vs Angelina Jolie. In reality, though, it’s like Rudy vs. Forrest Gump.

This game has already been labeled as a classic that will be remembered for centuries. Alabama has a chance to win their third national title in just four years, while Notre Dame is looking to win its first title in 24 years. Notre Dame, however, is the only undefeated team entering this game. You know it’s going to be a fun game if smack talking shirts like this and this already exist.

Also, who doesn’t want to see what Alabama QB, AJ McCarron, would add to his tattoo if he won a second national championship? It seems to be an ongoing trend for him. He added this to his tattoo after he won last year in New Orleans…

Personally, I think a Leprechaun with a houndstooth hat would go nicely between Jesus and the dove.

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