A Girl Made A “Revenge Cooler” For Her Cheating Boyfriend And It’s Absolutely Perfect (Photos)


It’s our biggest fear after gaining five pounds right before formal and like, dying. After spending months sanding, priming, painting, sketching, crying, repainting, sealing, painting, and sealing again, you finally finish a cooler. But this isn’t just any cooler. No. This is a cooler for that one guy. You know, the one who makes your heart pound and your knees weak. The one who looks at you like you’re the only girl in the world, and the one that, if we’re being honest, you sort of think about when you pin absurd things to your wedding board.

He’s perfect. And you’re perfect. And together you’re the perfect couple. That is, of course, until you find out that he’s a complete asshole.

We hope it’ll never happen to us, but unfortunately it does. So one brave girl decided to speak out on what happens when you find out the love of your life is cheating on you, and what you should do with his cooler.

My ex-fiancé has issues and has had them for the last several months. On three different occasions I have caught him in a lie regarding talking to other women through social media. This latest time, however, was a huge slap in the face.

So a week before our two year anniversary, I get a text message from my big of a screenshot of a Tinder profile. But it wasn’t just ANY Tinder profile. There, as the profile picture, was a picture of my then fiancé wearing a cut-off tank top with the profile description as “just a fun guy looking for someone to hang out with” (and a noticeable lack of mentioning ME anywhere).

So I forwarded the picture to him, asking what the fuck was going on, and his excuse?

“I was having self esteem issues.”

So I broke it off with him right then and there.

What. a. dick. But she didn’t just have to deal with the pain of canceling a wedding planner meetings and saying goodbye to the life she thought she was going to have. She also had to figure out what to do with his cooler. The one that she worked on for an excruciating amount of time. The one that he totally didn’t deserve since he decided to screw her over. She had a few options: re-sand it and paint it for herself. Throw it away. Or deface it, smash it, and send it to him, as a final “fuck you” to the idiot who didn’t deserve her.

Yeah. She chose the last one.

Revenge Cooler

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.21.14 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.21.22 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.21.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.21.46 AM

Her plan is to smash it, and then deliver it to her ex’s house (with a bow on top, of course). When I asked her why she didn’t just sand and repaint it, she said, “because I’m a vindictive bitch and this was therapeutic. He wanted to deface our relationship, so I defaced his cooler.”

Well played.

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