A Breakdown Of All The Songs From Adele’s New Album “25”

A Breakdown Of All The Songs From Adele's New Album "25"

Adele’s new album “25” came out this past Friday, and if you tell me that you haven’t been listening to it on repeat non-stop since then, I’m going to tell you that you’re a liar. Unlike “21,” Adele’s new album isn’t the breakup soundtrack we all expected (although there are some of those songs, don’t you worry). “25” is filled with highs and lows with the perfect song for almost every occasion. I’ve broken them all down for you, so add them to their appropriate playlists on your iPhone at your leisure.

Song Title: Hello
Listen To It When: A tagged photo of your ex shows up on your news feed
Pairs Well With: Boxed red wine and a stroll down memory lane through all of your old tagged photos together

Song Title: Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
Listen To It When: You can think about your ex with a smile and it finally hits you that you really are over him for good
Pairs Well With: Driving with the windows down and a new first date on the horizon

Song Title: I Miss You
Listen To It When: You’re in a relationship that’s going through a rough patch but all you want is for things to go back to how they used to be
Pairs Well With: Red wine and tears

Song Title: When We Were Young
Listen To It When: You have a random run-in with your ex and you start to wonder “what if?”
Pairs Well With: Pinot Noir and a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon

Song Title: Remedy
Listen To It When: That guy you’ve always liked is finally single and you want to be the person he turns to as he gets over her and moves onto his next new love – you.
Pairs Well With: A SERIOUS Facebook stalking sesh and baking him cookies “just because”

Song Title: Water Under The Bridge
Listen To It When: You can see the end of the relationship and know it’s inevitable. It’ll be okay, but you need him to acknowledge that there was a time when you loved each other like crazy.
Pairs Well With: A pint of Blue Bell and a therapeutic girls’ night in/vent sesh

Song Title: River Lea
Listen To It When: It’s been months, but you still just can’t quite get over the one that got away.
Pairs Well With: Dollar well drinks and regret

Song Title: Love In The Dark
Listen To It When: You’re stuck in that horrible not-relationship with the person you love so much it hurts but you know deep down that it’ll never work out.
Pairs Well With: Vodka. Just vodka.

Song Title: Million Years Ago
Listen To It When: Life has taken you down an unexpected path and you need to remember why you made the decisions you did to get you there
Pairs Well With: Chocolate and an apologetic text to your ex-best friend

Song Title: All I Ask
Listen To It When: Your relationship is at its end and you’re not sure how it’s possible that you could ever feel this way again about someone who isn’t him
Pairs Well With: A good cry

Song Title: Sweetest Devotion
Listen To It When: When your love life is FINALLY in a good place and you think that maybe, just maybe, this time you’ve found “the one”
Pairs Well With: A diamond ring

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