A Brave Alpha Sigma Alpha Needs Your Help To Donate Her Kidney To Her Brother


A brother is one of the best gifts a girl can have in this world. We grow up laughing at “boy jokes,” we learn how to co-exist with the opposite sex, and we always have a watchdog, keeping an eye on us. As we grow older, we learn to appreciate just how much they have done for us, and in return we would do anything in our power to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

Especially if it meant saving his life.

Ashlee Rightnowar, an Alpha Sigma Alpha, is currently gearing up to do just that. In an extremely touching news tip, we were informed that this former VP of PR and Recruitment is getting ready to face her biggest challenge yet: donating a kidney to her brother. In an extremely heartfelt GoFundMe page, the family shared their story.

Our Story begins in March of 2010 when Marshall (age 15) was diagnosed with kidney disease (IgA Nephropothy).  At that time the doctor thought he would lose his kidneys in about 10 years.  They tried everything to slow down the loss of the kidneys with no luck.  By May of 2011 he had 18% kidney function and was listed on the kidney transplant list.  The same day he was listed he got a call for a transplant.  How awesome was that! But we were new at the way things work.  He was not well enough for that kidney.  In fact he had other calls for kidneys that he wasn’t healthy enough for transplant too.  Finally at the end of June 2011 he got a call as we were walking into church.  Wow!  Yep, that was the kidney for him.  Everything went well at the hospital.  The kidney was great!  Then about 3 months later the new kidney got a virus called the BK.  It lives in his kidney and kills it.  Again the doctors have tried everything over the past 3 1/2 years to beat it.  But nothing has worked.  Flash to March of 2015.  His kidney function is down to15%.  He has been on the kidney transplant list for almost a year but is not able to accept a kidney because he still has the BK virus.  The doctor doesn’t want to transplant and give a new kidney the virus.  Very soon he will be starting dialysis.  The doctor wants to take out his kidney, flush out the virus with dialysis, and  transplant again.  But this time around we won’t have to wait for a kidney because he already has a person ready to donate, his sister.

We, the family, thank all who have taken time to read this.  We are just a middle class family trying to pay for our son’s second transplant in four years.  On top of that we will be paying for cost of our daughter to donate.  Thank you and God Bless!

It’s devastating that a family has to go through this, and on top of that, try to find a way to pay for both the transplant and the donation. Through it all, we can’t help but be proud of how Ashlee is handing this scary situation. In a true lesson of love, strength, and determination, she’s setting a beautiful example for Panhellenic women everywhere. When life hands you hardships, you don’t run, but you do everything in your power to tackle the situations with selflessness, honor, and dignity.

We wish all of the best to you, your family, and your brother. If you’d like to donate to this beautiful family, please visit the GoFundMe page, and help make a miracle happen.

Donate to the family here.

[via GoFundMe]

Image via GoFundMe / Marshall’s Kidney Transplant

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