9 Recruitment Video Trends It’s Time To Retire

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Alright ladies, it looks like recruitment videos are here to stay. Each day I come into TSM headquarters, open up my laptop, and prepare myself for the video submissions to roll in. It’s been this way for almost two years now. That’s two years of watching recruitment videos, people. Can you even comprehend that?!

So at this point, I’d consider myself, and the rest of the TSM team, somewhat of an expert on the matter. So before you begin charging up your drones, listen up. If you want to get your video featured, please please please ditch the formula and get rid of these trends. Sure they all had their time when they were cute, but that time is O-V-E-R.

Laying Down In The Grass Holding Hands

What came first the video or the Instagram photo? Either way, it’s time we lay (heehee) this trend to rest. I can’t say I never really understood it in the first place. Are any of you actually laying in the grass? And if you’re laying in the grass are you holding hands? What is this, a Nicholas Sparks novel?!

What to try instead: Swing on a porch swing or something.

Glitter Blow

Put down the glitter, I repeat put down the glitter. C’mon Tinkerbell, you could have used that to craft or something. The ‘ol glitter blow has been around for at least two years. It had a good run.

What to try instead: If you really feel so inclined to blow something, blow some bubbles.

Wearing Kendra Scott “Elle” Earrings

I have no room to talk. I had one pair of these, and I wore them religiously. But they have quickly become the UGG boots of the ears. Dare I say it, they’re less of a staple now, and are shifting towards tacky.

What to try instead: Literally any other pair of Kendra Scott earrings.

Using The Same Songs As Everyone Else

You all may not notice this since you can’t possibly be watching as many of these as I have, but a lot of the same songs are recycled over and over again. Here are the songs you need to avoid this recruitment video season:

  • “My House” by Flo Rida
  • “Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis
  • “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers
  • “Blessings” by Big Sean

What to try instead: Just not these songs. If you’re feeling really crazy, you could always try out a song that isn’t of the EDM genre.

Flower Crowns

This former festival fave makes many an appearance into the recruitment video world. They can be spotted placed on heads while laying in the grass or frolicking through a field. While I’m sure you have a little ~inner hippie,~ I don’t think hot glued plastic flowers from the craft store are conveying that.

What to try instead: Put some braids in your hair you free spirit, you.

Mic Drop

I will admit, I fell in love with the mic drop the first time I saw it. It was clever and cute and funny. So original. That time was six months ago, and it was Indiana at Chi Omega. It’s still one of my all time favorite recruitment videos Peep it, here (at the 2:00 mark). Since then, everyone has hopped on this bandwagon. Womp womp womp.

What to try instead: Something so unique and original that not even I could think of.

Pretending To Be Athletes

Put down the pitchforks. I know there are lots of sorority girls who are athletes. Even if you’re not playing a sport for the university, there are the intramural girls, the Crossfit girls, etc. But you tossing a football around the stadium, or bouncing the basketball in the court? I guess it’s cute and ~sportsy~ but I just can’t take it seriously.

What to try instead: If you really need to show you’re sporty, throw in some intramural footage.

Using Pizza To Be “Relatable”

I’m just going to leave this here.

What to try instead: Please not pizza or doughnuts.

Looking Perfectly Coifed Throughout The Entire Video

I get wanting to look good for PNMs, not to mention the entire Internet. That’s why we look the way we do for the façade that is recruitment. But you can definitely still look cute without a full contour and perfectly curled hair. Take a quick 30 seconds out of the video where no one has false lashes on.

What to try instead: This Texas A&M ZTA video has a cute solution at the 2:09 mark.

You’ve got this. I believe in you.

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