9 Reasons To Date A Military Boy; A Soldier Weighs In


1. He has a rare sense of honor.
It’s uncommon to find a guy with such a trait these days, as it seems to be a dying concept. I believe that no one embraces that notion more seriously than a soldier. Joining the military is a choice, and he chose to because he believes in and is dedicated to the value of honor.
Soldier: I joined because I knew someone had to. I love America and I wanted an education.

2. He’s smart and decisive.
Everyone’s been on a date where the bum picks you up and asks, “So, uh, what do you wanna do?” A military man won’t leave all the decision making to you because he’s been trained to make decisions on the spot. This is an incredibly appealing trait. If, in the future, you have a decision to make as a couple that’s more important than deciding what movie to see or where to eat, he’ll be a huge help on the decision front.
Soldier: The military (and war) taught me what was important in life and helped me to become more self reliant. “Undecided” and “I don’t know” are no longer in my vocabulary.

3. He’s hot.
One of the more superficial reasons, but let’s not pretend that you didn’t notice that he’s in great physical shape. Soldiers are sexy and there’s no point in denying it; military uniforms and the well groomed nature of a military man increase sexual appeal by leaps and bounds. You’ll definitely get a thrill walking around on the arm of a guy who can kick some serious ass.
Soldier: Boys that work hard play hard, so be ready for a guy who knows how to use what he has.

4. He loves America.  
More than just the average male enthusiast, who slaps on a red, white, and blue polo and drinks some sort of classic American beer on the Fourth of July, labeling himself a patriot. A military boy has the courage to back up his love for our country, and carries that bravery everywhere he goes.
Soldier: America is amazing. Comparatively, America is safe, chances for success and growth are higher, and our government is for the people and by the people.

5. He’s a gentleman.
My freshman year, I lived on the ROTC floor of my dorm, and even those boys were nothing but polite 100% of the time. It’ll be like dating a boy who has the manners of a pledge, but is respected more than an active (because he’s made more contributions to the world than throwing an awesome tour de Franzia party).
Soldier: Tact just means separation of work and play. He’ll be professional in school and work, but still know how to have a good time.

6. He will fight for you.
Literally. I mean, he already has. Along with your parents, your siblings, your friends, and everyone else you know. He’s also trained in hand to hand combat so he can even protect you in the event of a zombie apocalypse. In all seriousness though, nothing is sexier than a guy who put his life on the line to protect the freedom of you and everyone you love, as well as the lives of people he doesn’t even know.
Soldier: Everyone says “Fuck war, it’s wrong,” but what are the other options? Allowing genocide of a culture or people?

7. He’s mature.
This isn’t just because he’s at college after he has already served, deeming him slightly older than most other guys you know. It’s also because he’s had a lot of firsts. He’s over the whole “Let’s get drunk and fuck anything with tits” stage of his life, and he’s moved on to more pressing issues like where he’s going in life and what he wants to do for a living.
Soldier: He’ll even take care of you if you get too wasted. No soldier left behind.

8. He’s probably already had a long distance relationship.
Unnecessary constant texting, jealousy, and insecurities are non-existent. He’s confident and trusting of you and your decisions, which means he won’t get upset at the little things or play along with petty arguments.
Soldier: He’s not going to put up with childish games.

9. He’s independent.
He’s been trained to survive in unfamiliar and hostile situations, so he knows how to take care of himself. He has a sense of duty drilled into his head, so he is more than capable of fulfilling his obligations. He has loads of experience, which means that he has lots of advice at his fingertips. Not to mention, he might already be living completely independent from his parents.
Soldier: A lot have had at least four years to get their finances in order, so most already have a car, a decent living situation and such.


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