9 Places More Scandalous Than The Places Kim Kardashian’s Had Sex


Taking after Khloé, Kim decided to share details of her sex life. During a live stream, Kim admitted to being a member of the mile high club, although qualified it as flying private, not commercial. *Eye roll.* Although plane sex wasn’t her most adventurous location to do the dirty. That instead would be a movie theater.

Thanks to the investigative snooping at CollegeCandy, there are only two instances where Kim and Kanye (assuming she had her movie theater sex with Kanye) could have pulled it off – when Kanye rented out a movie theater for Kim’s birthday back in October or when the two went to the movies during their honeymoon in 2014.

Not to be bitchy the girl qualifying wild, but is it just me or are none of the stories really that scandalous? I mean sex on a private plane isn’t even obscure; it’s basically an extension of a hotel room. Some planes actually have bedrooms on board and maybe it’s just me, but I just can’t qualify sex in a private bed, presumably with your husband, as wild. Do more, Kim. So much more.

As for the movie theater, if they did it in a rented out room, again, is it even that crazy? Again, I think not. I just had such high hopes for one of the most famous couples in the world. With all the wealth, power, and access couldn’t KimYe bone in places more interesting than a glorified hotel room or the venue where every borderline slutty middle school girl gives her first handy? In light of that, I’ve come up with 9 places that actually would be crazy (and doable) for Kim and Kanye to get in.

  1. Public bathroom at the GRAMMYs.
  2. White House.
  3. In Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s private bedroom.
  4. Behind the Hollywood sign.
  5. At the Eiffel Tower (not rented out for a private party).
  6. During the Oscars.
  7. In outer space via the Virgin Galactic shuttle.
  8. In Taylor Swift’s bed (bonus points if Taylor joins).
  9. During one of Kim’s many club appearances.

Try harder, guys. Your sex list is just embarrassing.

[via CollegeCandy]

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