9 New iMessage Features That Will Change The Way You Text


It’s about that time! Just as you’ve gotten settled in and comfy with the interface of your iPhone, it’s time for Apple to release a new iOS update! Yesterday Apple had its WWDC 2016 keynote where they unrolled a lot of the new cool and ~fun~ things we’ll get to look forward to with iOS10. And they are cool. Anything that helps me dodge serious conversation topics, or God forbid a face-to-face confrontation, is just what I need.

Here are some of the new features:

1. Emojify: Just like when you have a typo and the keyboard suggests the word your big meaty fingers meant to type, “Emojify” will suggest an emoji that could replace the word.

2. Bubble Effects: Bubble effects are going to change the damn game. It lets you customize your messages with text that’s bigger or smaller, or messages that land with a hard “slam” effect. Could be potentially dangerous when angrily drunk texting.

3. Invisible Ink: Okay, Harry Potter we see you. You can send “secret” texts and photos that are revealed when you swipe your finger over them. I feel a strong influx in nudes happening via invisible ink. Just a hunch.

4. Full Screen Effects: I’m not sure if this included with iMessage, or a new iMessage app, but you’ll be able to light up your entire text thread by sending things like lasers or fireworks.

5. Digital Touch: You’ll also be able to draw pictures with your finger with “digital touch.” The keyboard turns into a sketchpad where you can send things like, lets say, your signature. Perfect for younger youth learning how to forge just about everything.

6. Rich Links: Much link when you enter a link into Twitter or Facebook, a sort of preview will appear when you send links through text.

7. Emojis: They’ll be 3x bigger peeps. Plus, we’ll also get emoji prediction.

8. Read Receipts: Let that certain someone, and only that certain someone just how much you so don’t care. Read receipts will be available on a person-to-person basis. Holla!

9. iMessage Apps: Now you can get apps within iMessage which let you add additional features and functions to the classic app. This could let you transfer people money through text (RIP Venmo), have a gif keyboard, sticker keyboard, etc.

Can’t wait!

[via Apple Insider]

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